Transitioning from this world should be just as beautiful as the life celebrated when you entered.

What Milestones In Life Have You Planned For ?



You spend months to years crafting the perfect wedding



Birthing Doula’s, Nursery preparations and Birthing Classes – there are no limits when it comes to creating and planning for your family.



RRSP’s, Life Insurance, Financial Planning – you spend your working days planning for a Retirement filled with ease and enjoyment

End Of Life / EOL

End Of Life / EOL

Virtually no time is spent planning or preparing for our final days. End of Life happens to each and every one of us. Transitioning from this world should be just as beautiful as the life celebrated when you entered.

What Is An End Of Life Doula And How Can We Help ?

To get a brief overview of how an End of Life (also referred to as a Death Doula) can help please watch this video.

I am Certified as an End Of Life Doula through Douglas College and I am here to have those difficult conversations with you and your family.

I understand the challenges and the emotions. My mother’s diagnosis with aggressive in-curable Ovarian Cancer prompted me to become certified to help other families navigate these challenging times.

Death is a guarantee for each of us and when we can make these conversations part of our normal vocabulary families are able to move through final days with greater understanding, love, compassion and support.

Don’t leave your End of Life plan to the bitter end. Pre-planning really does lift a weight off of your shoulders and it does create ease and grace for your family.

Legacy Projects

Creating memories for the family can be a source of peace and comfort. It gives you the opportunity to fully share the life lived and gives heart soothing memories and fond reminders to loved ones.

Together we can plan what your legacy will be. Written stories or letters, Videos, Recipe Book to name a few suggestions

Advanced Care Plan

You are never too young to plan ahead for the unforeseen. In the blink of an eye an accident can you leave you at the mercy of others.

Having a Care Plan in place eases the stress on family as it guides them through your wishes, your wants. It allows your voice to be heard even if you can’t speak in the moment.

This encompasses much more then Medical Measures to be taken please reach out to start the Conversation and give your family the gift of ease.

E.O.L Care Plan

There is nothing more life altering then a Life Altering Diagnosis. If you and your family are facing this journey I would be honoured to be your guide.

An EOL Plan gives you control over your final days – we can create love, peace and comfort for you and your family.

E.O.L Vigil / Celebrations / Support

Beside vigiling so that your loved one is not alone during the final days. Working with the family to offer support in day to day tasks, comfort as you visit and prepare for the final days.

Celebrations of life look very different for everyone, let’s connect and talk about your wishes so that we can plan a celebration with meaning for you and your family.

Non-Medical Companion

Life Altering diagnosis can be stressful on everyone. Managing the basics: Grocery shopping, everyday errands, self-care appointments and time away.

Non-Medical Companion gives you time to take care of you knowing that your loved one is not alone.

Pricing varies based on the scope of the work, therefore a consultation is required.

“End of life decisions should not be made at the end of life."